About Us

Sheepdog Cigar Club brings six distinct groups of people together (Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatch, Corrections, and Military). However, Sheepdog Cigar Club members share two things in common, a passion for the fine art of hand rolled cigars and a dedication to public service. It is this common interest in cigars and stewardship that brings our Sheepdog family together. Furthermore, in honor of the Sheepdog, our club operates with a charitable purpose of supporting our local Police & Fire K-9 Units


  • Unite our community heroes (Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatch, Corrections, and Military) with club socials, events, fundraisers, and smoking hand rolled cigars.
  • Support local Police & Fire K-9 Units through charitable fundraising and collecting essential supplies. Also, serve our active duty combat troops with donated cigars.
  • Preserve the tradition of smoking cigars through celebration and passing onto others our passion for the fine art of hand rolled cigars.


Sheepdog Cigar Club (K-9 Assistance Program)

Sheepdog Cigar Club raises funds and collects essential supplies to support our local Police & Fire K-9s Units. We bypass the municipal bureaucracy and work directly with the handlers, assessing their individual needs and providing customized support for maximum effect.

Fundraising consists of: Member fees, raffles, 50/50s, supply drives, retail sales, and solicitation of corporate sponsors and private donors.

To donate: Click Donations from the top menu.

Cigars for Warriors

Cigars for Warriors

At club socials, we collect cigars from our members and send them to Cigars For Warriors, where they begin their journey to ultimately end up in the hands of our active duty combat troops.

Why Support K-9s?

Police and Fire K-9s play a vital role in a community’s public safety. K-9s can detect narcotics, explosives, and accelerants used in arson fires. They also track criminals, locate evidence, and rescue missing people. K-9s serve as a force multiplier in many police or fire investigations due to their superior senses, speed, and agility. With unmatched loyalty, fearlessness, and eagerness to serve, K-9s are the true Sheepdogs of our community.

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