Rules, Protocol, and Conduct

Club Rules

  1. Members must be active, retired, or honorably discharged police, fire, EMS, dispatch, correvtions, or military personnel.
  2. Members must wear the Sheepdog Cigar Club shirt to ALL club activities.
  3. When attending club socials, members must purchase two (2) cigars from the host facility and donate one (1) cigar to Cigars for Warriors.
  4. When attending socials, members must donate $10.00 to Sheepdog Cigar Club.
  5. Guests MUST be accompanied by a member.


  1. When you arrive for a club social, purchase two (2) cigars from the host facility.
  2. Sign-in with your nmame or nickname
  3. Donate $10.00 and one (1) cigar to the designated collection boxes, collect raffle ticket.
  4. Smoke up & Enjoy


  1. Members shall treat their fellow brothers and sisters with respect and dignity.
  2. Members shall treat our host’s staff members wtih respect and dignity.
  3. Members shall treat our host’s clientele with respect and dignity.

NOTE: Failure to comply with the rules, protocol, and conduct standards set forth herein may result in termination of membership.

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